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Questions? – Questions!

“Curiosity always comes first in a problem that wants to be solved.”

Galileo Galilei

What do I want to be like as a woman?

What does it mean to truly emancipate myself?

Why did he react like that again today?

Why do I always react like this?

How do I find my purpose?

What is important to me in life?

Questions are the beginning to more clarity: To more clarity about you, your life and your being a woman.

But questions can also be scary and prevent us from asking them at all. This is unfortunate and prevents us from moving forward.

With the “Questions? Questions!” evenings I would like to create an intimate place where we can come together as women and devote ourselves in a familiar setting to the conscious and unconscious questions that accompany you in everyday life.

With my knowledge and your wisdom, we will explore the origins of your questions and gain new insights from them.

If the questions dissolve and clarity takes their place, you will pave your way, which will lead you to your own deep wisdom.


On request

At the moment there are no regular evenings. If you are interested please send me an e-mail to

Payment Information:

TWINT 079 689 18 72

ACCOUNT CH64 0844 0258 2863 92001 / Nicole Grossen, Baselstrasse 19, CH 4144 Arlesheim

Dear Woman!

Have you had enough of shallow women – circles? Are you bored by endless long conversations about feelings without authenticity and clarity? Do you realize that as a woman you have your own issues?

YES?  Then the women-online-evenings are for you!

The evenings start with a theoretical input, move on to a link to your personal experience and close with a we-space round.

I will guide you safely through the evening with my fine, feminine feeling for emotions and energies and with my masculine clarity.

An evening for women with authenticity, clarity, content and direction.

The topics:

‣ The stages of development & the role of women

‣ AQAL & the strengths of the feminine

‣ The potential of aggression & its shadows

‣ Confounded needs

‣ Feminine & Masculine Essence.

On Request


Price: CHF 45.- p. Evening

CHF 200.- for all Evenings

Commitment: The only requirement to participate in the evenings is the will to actively involve yourself personally.

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