Are you tired of not getting what you want in your life?

Do you feel as a spectator in the movie of your life - but you know that you want to be the director?

Are you not getting what you want out of life and are tired of going on like this?

Do you truly want to change your life permanently?





With my “StepUp” program I will guide you to your full femininity where you will realize your highest potential. This will allow you to live exactly the life you want.

Together, we will bring your unconscious personality parts to the surface and re-integrate them. By doing so, you will free yourself from torturing thoughts, fears and arbitrary musings that all prevent you from living a self-determined life.

You will learn to recognize the usual patterns in yourself and others and will no longer play the game resulting from these patterns.
This way, you will recognize what you want and don’t want and thus be able to break the chains that prevent you from living a free, full and self-determined life.

Only YOU can make your life truly YOURS.
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Who is Nicole Grossen?

Nicole Grossen is a coach for women who are caught in a stuck point in their lives because they keep not getting what they want. She guides them with her “StepUp” program into their full femininity where they will discover their greatest potential, love and surrender and where they will find their way back to a free, full and self-determined life.

Nicole underwent a radically transformational process during the past years which today enables her to live her life in a self-determined, free and full way. With the help of Integral Shadow Work (psychological depth work), Integral Bodywork, Mind (cognitive understanding of psychological mechanisms) and meditation, she has recognized many abysses, cleaned up bullshit and learned to know herself and her mechanisms.

She is far from being at the end. Almost daily she discovers parts of herself that are still in the shadows or recognizes personality structures that she was not aware of until now. She takes advantage of every opportunity that comes her way. The confrontation with the world as a mother, wife, friend & housemate and with her work as a coach shows her her limitations every day.

The experience of living an increasingly free and self-determined life and the search for truth, growth, joy, pleasure and sometimes enlightenment push her to continue working on herself every day. This way, she can go even deeper, higher and above all further.

Nicole’s great resource is, on the one hand, her experience in her personal processes and guiding many group coachings and retreats. In addition to this, she has a great knowledge of psychological structures. This, paired with her fine, feminine, intuition for emotions and energies and a great, masculine, clarity make Nicole the perfect coach for deep personal growth processes.

With the premium program “StepUp” she is now taking her first step into independence.

Are you tired of living
only for others?

Do you want to become the director of your life?

Then come now to my free clarity consultation and you will become aware of the following points:

What is your desired life and how can it look like?

What are your patterns that prevent you from finally living your life the way you want to?

How can you unfold your full femininity and thus your highest potential to live your dream life?

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